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Wedding & Event Planning

Why it is Important to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

A do-it-yourself wedding is often more work than you could ever even imagine. Many brides take on this challenging endeavor only to regret it when they find themselves patting the sweat off their brow, trying to walk down the aisle an hour late, while hoping that tipsy cousin Jen remembered to put out the centerpieces correctly. Although it may be tempting to go without a professional wedding planner, the fact of the matter is that weddings without professional wedding planners are almost always messy, unorganized, and require the bride, groom, or family members to step in and address possible complications.

Your special day should not be entirely planned and executed by you, rather it should be planned and executed for you. Let the experienced planners at Allegro Event manage DJs, centerpieces, and event timelines, allowing you to relax and remember every second of your special day.

Jeannie Wong, founder and owner of Allegro Event, is a full-time wedding planner who can meet with you on weekdays as well as weekends to discuss your concerns and alleviate any complications. Her and her team have also worked in many luxury wedding venues, which require clients to hire professional wedding planners, and provides services for out-of-state and abroad weddings. With Allegro Event, you can be assured that you will walk down the aisle on time at your dream wedding.

To start planning your dream wedding with Allegro Event, contact us today to schedule a consultation!